What is a down payment on a property??

When you are buying any piece of Real Estate the seller requires you to put a portion of the money to buy the real estate up front, ie. a deposit. Most transactions require you to submit the money in the form of a certified cheque or money order with your “Offer to Purchase” It is general 2% of the asking price. This money is normally refunded if the deal is cancelled, or goes towards the final price if the deal goes through. This is to show good faith on the part of the buyer.

Why do i need a Mortgage?

Most people need a mortgage because they do not have enough money to buy the real estate they need, once you pay the ” Down Payment” plus the additional money you are “Depositing” on the real estate, the difference to make up the final “Sale Price” has to be financed by a financial institution like a bank, this is called a Mortgage.

What consession are you allowed as a "Returning National"?

“Returning Nationals” are allowed “Duty-Free” status on all their house Hold Goods you are allowed ” Duty-Free” status on one domestic vehicle.You have to submit a list of all the items you will be shipping, fill out an application for returning nationals duty-free concessions and submit it to the government for approval. You have six months from the time it is approved to ship your goods to St. Kitts or Nevis.

Qualifying for "Citizenship of St.Kitts/Nevis under the "Real Estate Option" ?

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To qualify for citizenship under the real estate option,the government requires a minimum of US$ 400,000 investment in approved real estate projects, plus payment of necessary fees and charges. You can buy villas or apartments or luxury condos, provided you satisfy the minimum investment . The real estate investment is a recoverable investment after 5 years

Qualifying for Citizenship under the "Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation Option"

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To qualify for citizenship of St.Kitts and Nevis under the SIDF (The Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation) Option, the Government requires a contribution to the St.Kitts and Nevis Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation, a public charity audited by Pricewaterhouse Coopers. under his option, there are different categories. A single applicant is required to contribute a non-refundable contribution of US$ 250,000. In this category, that amount include all Government fees with exception to due diligence fees